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RTITB-AccredATL offer a variety of accredited RTITB Fork Lift Truck courses as follows:-


Reach Truck

Pivot Steer

Pallet Truck

Rough Terrain

Industrial Telescopic

Multi Directional

These courses can be offered for Refresher, Experienced, Conversion or Novice candidates

All training is carried out on employers premises using your vehicles. Courses are delivered by fully qualified RTITB approved instructors and all course attendees are provided with an RTITB Forklift Licence and ATL certificate.

Costs vary depending on the number of people and length of course required.

Interested, then contact ATL on 01709 365515 or email 


Fork Lift Truck Certificate (RTITB Accredited) Course Details


Fork Lift Truck Certificate (RTITB Accredited)

Entry Requirements

Interested participants must be employed

Course Length   

Ranges from 1 to 5 days depending on prior experience:
Refresher: 1 day
(must already have same FLT certificate as needs refreshing)
Experienced: up to 3 days
(Must be an experienced FLT Operator)
Novice: up to 5 days
(Never sat on a FLT)
Conversion: up to 2 days
(has had practical training on one truck type but wants a certificate for another truck type)

Start Date

Throughout the Year


On Employer premises

Course Content

Introduction to the truck to be used
Explanation of the Controls and Instruments
Starting, moving, steering and stopping the truck
Operation of hydraulic controls
Pre-use inspection and takeover maintenance
Handling pallets/Containers/bulk objects (associated with the workplace)
Driving on Inclines/ramps
Vehicle loading/unloading
Stacking & de-stacking – free standing and racking
The Course involves a theory and practical Operating test 


£250 per day for a maximum of 3 delegates.

Progression Route

FLT Instructor Course

Other Information

The following truck types can be certificated:
Reach Truck
Rough Terrain (masted or telescopic)
Pivot Steer
Bendi Truck
Industrial Tele-truck
Pedestrian Pallet Trucks (low, eye or high level)

Performing Manufacturing Operations - NVQ Only Programme Course Details

This Programme Guide is designed to give employers an overview of the typical training and assessment content atl offer within this learning programme. Please note we are very flexible and have the capacity and capability to adapt our programmes to meet your needs. Please discuss this with the atl member of staff issuing this guide or contact us using the details shown at the end of this document.

The programme has been designed specifically for those working in a manufacturing environment where they need to be trained to use a fork-truck with other routes available in a wide range of manufacturing industries that give the learner significant new knowledge and skills.

The programme will follow a format similar to that below:

Induction / Information Advice and Guidance (IAG)      

Induction is typically 3 hours in length. The induction provides a detailed introduction to the atl programme and has a guided learning component that covers Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Study Packs and Knowledge Assignments along with the nature and benefits of the assessment and learning activity. In addition we also carry out initial assessment and diagnostic screening and check prior learning and experience. For the programme funding support, the learner will also be required to complete the appropriate registration documentation. During the Induction, Learners are introduced to their IAG Officer who provides ongoing information and advice throughout the programme.

In addition each learner will receive a one – to – one, 30 minute, feedback and Individual Learning Plan (ILP) design session with their assessor, post Induction, and prior to their planned and agreed Learning and Assessment commencing.

NVQ level 2 in Performing Manufacturing Operations

Each Learner on the programme will be assessed through observation on a minimum of 3 occasions. Assessment is carried out during normal working hours and creates minimum downtime for collecting signatures, confirming underpinning knowledge and allowing for a short feedback.

To achieve the Manufacturing Operations NVQ relative to lift truck operations, the learner will typically complete the following units.

 Mandatory Assessment Routes

 01        Complying with statutory regulations and Organisational safety requirements

02        Promoting effective working relationships

Supporting the Operation Assessment Routes:

Assessment Route Unit & Title

04        Preparing for manufacturing operations

07        Receiving and checking incoming materials

19        Contributing to improving effectiveness in the workplace

Job Specific Assessment Routes:

Assessment Route Unit & Title

03        Transferring materials (using FLT)

RTITB Knowledge and Competency Development through Directed Learning     


To complement the NVQ structured assessment, atl also deliver underpinning knowledge and competency development through technical learning by taking your employees through the RTITB operator syllabus. This directed learning session is delivered over a set duration which is determined through an initial assessment we carry out with each learner when they join the programme.

There are three different learning options that your learner could follow as a result of the initial assessment which are:-

Non-FLT: no practical fork truck training

Refresher: Up to 8 hours directed fork-truck training.

Conversion/Experienced Operator Training: Up to 20 hours directed fork-truck training.

Study Book Packs and Knowledge Assignments

These are issued at various stages throughout the programme and are designed to enhance understanding, good and safe practice and also contribute to the underpinning knowledge for the NVQ. The study books also provide a superb ongoing information and reference aid that all Learners retain copies of.

Programme Review

Each Learner will also receive regular one to one reviews during the course of their learning and assessment programme. These reviews will identify the current progress each Learner is making and assist in action planning future activity. Each review normally takes approximately 30 minutes. Copies of these completed reviews are also made available to the company who are invited to be involved in the review session.

Evaluation / Information Advice and Guidance (IAG)

Once your Learner(s) have completed the programme and their Apprenticeship Certificate has been applied for, an end evaluation is completed with each Learner which gives atl feedback on their learning experience. In addition they will also be given a free one to one Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) session with a qualified advisor who will help you and them to consider future learning routes and discuss in more detail the learning programme they have undertaken with atl.  

Total cost - £1500


Warehouse & Storage - NVQ Only programme Course Details

Warehousing and Storage covers a wide range of skills that can be applied on a variety of warehousing environments. It’s suitable for small or large warehousing businesses, ranging from small logistics companies, warehousing in shops and centres to depots and distribution centres.

Learners working towards the Warehousing and Storage qualification will gain the following:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage

Additionally, the apprentice could also achieve a RTITB Fork-truck operator’s certificate

If appropriate

To achieve the NVQ the candidate must complete a Minimum Credit Value: 26


Total Cost - £1200



Subject to qualifying criteria and eligibility employers that have a payroll bill of less than £3m will have to make a 10% contribution towards the apprenticeship with the other 90% funded by the Government. If you are a levy paying company the money for the apprenticeship qualification will be deducted from your levy pot.

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Commercial Courses

These courses are offered on a full cost commercial basis only.

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